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Create the perfect image on-demand

Enhance your website, blog, or social platform with on-demand AI-generated visuals, enabling your users to create captivating and unique designs that outshine stock images.

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Key Benefits

Customized Visuals

AI-generated images suit various industries and styles, perfect for each user's needs.

License Freedom

Unique visuals bypass stock photo license issues, giving users unrestricted access.

Future-Proof Scalability

Handle high volumes and adapt to AI advancements, keeping your app relevant.

Smooth Integration

Simple SDK integration with various file formats ensures compatibility across devices.

Comprehensive Support

Access resources and documentation for a seamless integration experience.


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Generate the perfect image for each blog post, tailored to the content.

Website Builders

Website Builders

Empower users to generate unique images suited for their web designs.

Other Platforms

Other Platforms

Integrate Leap AI image generation into your platform for on-demand visuals.


Simple Integration

All it takes is as little as one single line of code to add image generation to your app. Leap is built by developers for developers.

Read API DocsJavaScript SDK
npm i @leap-ai/sdk
await leap.generate.generateImage({ prompt: "A cat in cyberpunk world" })

Case Study: ZooTools

With Leap, ZooTools enabled their users to generate unique headers for their viral forms, boosting user satisfaction by 22%+.

ZooTools image

Add the magic of AI to your app in minutes.

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