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The Trusted AI Detector & AI Checker for GPT-4o, Anthropic, & ChatGPT

Manually identifying AI-generated text can be challenging. This AI Detector simplifies this process by leveraging the latest large-language models to accurately analyze and identify AI-generated content with ease. Millions of users trust our AI Checker to verify the authenticity of their content and ensure it was written by a human.

Perfect for educators, content creators, and professionals who need reliable AI content detection on a regular basis. Use our AI Content Detector to maintain the integrity of your work, ensure authenticity in your content, and save valuable time. Experience the convenience and accuracy of our tool today and see the difference it can make.

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How to use the
AI Checker

Follow these simple steps to detect AI-generated content using our tool:


Input Your Text

Enter the text you want to analyze into the provided text box. Ensure complete text input for accurate analysis.


Click Check Text

Click the 'Check Text' button to start the AI content analysis. Our AI will process the text to determine if it was generated by an AI or a human.


View Results

Review the results to see if the content was generated by AI. Get insights into the likelihood of the text being AI-generated to make informed decisions.

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Learn More

Learn more about our AI Detector & Checker, how to use our tool and how we detect and check for AI content from common AI models like GPT-4o, Claude, and Bard in this quick video.


Who should use our
AI Content Detector

Ensure the authenticity and originality of your content with the help of our AI Detector & Checker. Ideal for:


Ensure content authenticity and originality. Detect AI-generated text to maintain your brand's voice and build audience trust.

Sales Professionals

Create genuine, persuasive materials. Identify AI-generated content to improve credibility and conversion rates.

Content Creators

Ensure your work's originality. Maintain content authenticity, build a loyal audience, and establish a unique voice.


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