How B2B Startup Thirdweb uses AI to 10x Content Workflows


Hours per week saved on manual content tasks


Increase in content production and SEO performance


Youtube videos converted into SEO-optimized guides


Thirdweb is a leading content-first developer platform that enables developers to build, launch and manage web3 projects. As a rapidly growing startup, they faced the challenge of scaling their content production to keep up with their growth and capture more organic search traffic.

To solve this, Thirdweb turned to Leap AI to automate their content workflows. By leveraging AI, Thirdweb was able to scale content production, 10x their SEO output, and free up countless hours of manual work.

"We're saving months, if not more, of manual time and thousands of dollars using Leap". - Cathal Berragan, Head of Marketing at Thirdweb

How does Thirdweb use AI to automate marketing tasks?

Thirdweb uses Leap AI to automate a variety of marketing workflows:

  1. Create SEO-optimized blogs on trending keywords
  2. Turn YouTube videos into SEO guides
  3. Create case studies from customer success messages
  4. Generate engaging newsletters

"We take the link to a YouTube video and it will transcribe the video, use ChatGPT, Claude, other image generation tools, create the SEO metadata, and post to our CMS at the click of a button. There is no manual work."

How does human creativity combine with AI workflows?

AI is not replacing human creativity at thirdweb. Instead, it is removing the manual tasks required to create content, allowing the team to scale their efforts.

"This is a really interesting part of AI that isn't replacing human ingenuity or creativity. It's just removing a lot of the manual tasks that are usually required to create this content and helping us scale."

How does Thirdweb train AI on the company's voice and context?

To maintain consistency and quality, thirdweb trains the AI agents on their existing content.

"All of the AI agents that we're working with are trained on our existing content. And that's really important because it means that we're cashing in on our previous work. We're using a lot of thought and effort that's gone into our previous work, and we're scaling up that quality."

What is Google's stance on AI-generated content?

According to Google's latest stance, there is no discrimination between human-produced and AI-generated content. The focus is solely on the quality of the content.

"We did a lot of research and found Google's latest stance is that there is no discrimination between how the content is produced. It's only about quality. So as long as we know how to use these tools to combine them with our existing thought and work and hours and hours of effort that our technical writers have put into this, then we know we're going to get quality output."


By embracing AI-powered content workflows, Thirdweb was able to scale their content strategy and drastically improve their SEO performance. Automating manual tasks allowed the marketing team to focus on higher-value activities and make a bigger impact with their efforts.

"AI will make the best marketing teams 100x more effective. Game on." - Cathal Berragan, Head of Marketing at Thirdweb

To learn more about how Thirdweb uses Leap AI to power their content workflows, check out the full case study video. And to start automating your own content workflows, sign up for for Leap AI free.

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